Innovation Management

Crowdsourcing is something you have probably been a part of, whether you’re aware of it or not. After all, who hasn’t filled out an online survey, added content on Wikipedia, shared a review on Google, or posted an idea in the company group chat? 
Why are some large companies able to create more value through innovation? How have they continuously reinvented themselves to stay ahead of new market expectations? And how do they stay at the forefront of their industry decade after decade, even through the era of digitalization? 
Learn how using the right idea crowdsourcing platform as part your organization’s innovation strategy can accelerate innovation from seed to execution and increase overall ROI.
Innovation, in our collective imagination, is a bit like Aladdin's lamp or a magic wand that everyone wants to get their hands on without knowing how to use it. If turning lead into gold is a well-kept secret for alchemists, converting an idea into an innovative product or service is just as important for growing companies eager for patents.
Nowadays, more people recycle plastic bottles, opt for organic products, and reduce meat consumption. You will probably wonder where the link between environmental protection and recruitment is. Like with climate change, a sense of urgency is seen in recruitment, and in both cases, it’s about responsible behavior and its further development.