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Intrapreneurship made easy

We provide you with the platform and expertise to organize internal challenges. 

  • Enable cross-functional collaboration amongst employees.
  • Leverage our software to build your internal challenge platform.
  • Assess and rank ideas that will boost growth. 
  • Discover employees’ true potential and build a dynamic company culture.

All-in-one platform
to spark intrapreneurship

Find everything you need to create your internal challenge on a single platform.

Build your internal challenge platform

  • Create challenges that target employees you want to engage.
  • Speed up the design process with built-in templates.
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Identify and assess new solutions

  • Easily assess the best proposals through voting and ranking.
  • Engage and guide participants through chat, announcements, and webinars.

Monitor and report your KPIs

  • Assign roles and collaborate with multiple stakeholders in your online environment.
  • Report on customizable KPIs using real-time dashboards and export data with one click.
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How we’ve helped others

More than 150 internal challenges have been organized by enterprise clients of Agorize to foster intrapreneurship.

PepsiCo innovation program with Agorize

Leverage disruptive innovation and the power of many to develop a new product and make PepsiCo faster, stronger and better.

A new product was launched on the US market with a 62% reduced go-to-market time.

  • 9,200+ participating employees
  • 600+ submitted ideas
  • BNP Paribas

    Reveal the power of employees to innovate and digitalize while bringing the company together to create new working methods.

    Two ideas were implemented and employees requested the challenge to be done again.

  • 1500+ participating employees
  • 53 intrapreneurship projects
  • Ready to unleash the power of intrapreneurship to boost growth?
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