Awards Management Software

Launch customized awards programs with Agorize AWARDS

Do you want to shine a light on star employees, innovative ideas, or best practices?
Leading companies use Agorize to set up efficient awards processes to nominate and celebrate those that deserve it.

Celebrate excellence your way

Agorize AWARDS helps you turn your company awards into an on-brand and memorable celebration that everyone is proud to take part in.

ACCOR Awards Management Software​
awards management software

Make your awards process easier

Our software has all the features you need to nominate, assess, and share celebrated talent or ideas.
Never fail to capture and award value-creating contributions again.

awards management software

Increase engagement

Empower your entire community to share best practices and celebrate top contributors.

Your criteria

Make it easy to track and assess hidden ideas in your organization.

awards management software
awards management software

Streamline the process

Build a process that enables company leaders to strengthen a culture of excellence.

Companies that trust Agorize

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Organize awards for your ecosystem

Thanks to the Agorize platform, you can easily launch awards programs for any of your valued communities.


Find out how Agorize AWARDS can help your company

 Agorize helps global organizations like PepsiCo, Orpea, H&M, and Accor recognize talent, boost employee engagement, and highlight innovation. Try our Awards Management Software for your company.