Participants activation and Technology scouting

Unleash the power of a global community of 10M innovators

Since 2011, we have been federating a global network of innovators made up of start-ups, universities and schools, students, recent graduates, experienced professionals, etc.

We scout and activate the audiences of your choice on demand to feed your innovation and ideation programmes with valuable participations, for :

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propose innovative solutions

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develop new technologies

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support your innovative recruitment initiatives

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contribute to your employer branding strategy

agorize ecosystem activation

Meet (a part of) our community...

Together, through an open innovation process, write the standards for the future of your sector.

startup community

2,000,000 startups

…and potentially much more!

We know how to bring innovation to your business by identifying startups all over the world that will help you transform your business.

We scout technology solutions and activate startups from all over the world according to your needs.
We’ve also forged partnerships with the world’s top incubators.

They offer mature, immediately deployable solutions for every industry, on every continent.

9,000 universities and schools

We’re growing a unique community of students, recent graduates and digital natives all over the world. They are, or will be, your future talent and consumers.

Their creative and innovative ideas define a vision for the future of your brand, products and services.

student community
developer community

600,000 developers

It’s a community made up of developers and Tech profiles from top engineering, IT and networking schools.

By organizing innovation competitions and hackathons, you accelerate the development and implementation of innovative applications and prototypes.
Together, you’ll accelerate your digital transformation and your entire innovation process.

800,000 employees

Reveal hidden ideas and customers pain points with  the intrapreneurs in your company. And grow your coworkers’ hard and soft skills with our Employee Challenges. 

employee community

Innovators are the fuel of your innovation engine.

They accelerate your company’s transformation.

Let’s design your next innovation competition together.