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We put our network of 5 million innovators to support you in your digital transformation, launch innovative recruitment initiatives or source new technologies

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3,000,000 students

A unique community of students, young graduates, digital natives and consumers of tomorrow. Their innovative ideas give you a vision of the future of your brand.

600,000 developers

Our community is formed of developers and people with an IT backgrounds. They help you develop innovative apps and prototypes. Together, you’ll boost your digital transformation.

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startup community

300,000 startups

Our community is formed of startups from all over the world. They’ve developed technology that is disruptive, mature and immediately applicable. Together, transform your industry and create the technology standards of the future.

800,000 employees

Reveal the intrapreneurs within your company, grow your coworkers’ hard & soft skills with our internal challenges to foster intrapreneurship.

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