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Create and manage startup challenges

We provide you with the platform, community, and expertise to organize startup challenges.

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Access our community of 2 million startups and 1,700+ incubators.

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Leverage our software to create engaging startup challenge platforms.

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Identify existing solutions that match your problem statements to fasten implementation.

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Shorten time-to-market by up to 60%

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All-in-one platform for startup scouting

Everything you need to organize your startup challenges on a single platform. 

Build your startup challenge platform

  • Create programs that target startups that match your problem statements.
  • Speed up the design process with built-in templates.
  • Make your platform and program an extension of your brand.
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Identify and develop startup proposals

  • Easily assess the best startup proposals according to your industry requirements.
  • Engage and mentor startups through chat, announcements, and webinars.
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Monitor and report your KPIs

  • Assign roles and collaborate with multiple stakeholders in your online environment to vote on and rank ideas.
  • Report on customizable KPIs using real-time dashboards and export data with one click.
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How we’ve helped others

More than 200 startup programs have been launched by our clients,
connecting them to over 100,000+ startups.

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Find innovative solutions to improve how we use lighting networks to our cities and everyday life.



207 participants
41 represented countries

Philips launched a marketing campaign for the winning startup and awarded them US$20,000.


Logo Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Discover the newest innovations within the aviation and travel tech industries to change the way people travel.


180 participants
38 represented countries

A proof of concept was implemented with a US$105,000 grant for the winners.

Innovation Challenge

Identify and assess startups to actively collaborate with and create next-generation innovations and new businesses.


324 participants
66 represented countries

Four collaborative projects were ultimately formed between NEC, its partner companies and the winning startups.

The 5 basic principles for engaging with startups to foster innovation

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