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AWS and Agorize
“Through its teams’ experience and availability, Agorize supported and guided us to make our challenge a success for the company and the hundreds of students who took part in it.“
Picture of Cecilia des Courtis from AWS
Cecilia des Courtis
Head of Startup Marketing @ AWS

All-in-one platform to organize hackathons

Everything you need to organize a hackathon on a single platform.

Agorize innovation and idea management software - Design Studio

Identify the best solutions

  • Easily create your hackathon and application form to match your problem statement with our easy-to-use platform builder.
  • Help participants develop their solutions by assigning mentors and engage them through chat and webinar.
  • Evaluate assets in a central place where you can grade, invest, like and comment.

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Find tech profiles you’re looking for

  • Attract candidates who are bored by traditional corporate recruitment processes.
  • Reveal and assess candidates' attitudes on your business cases, beyond the simple resumes.
  • Shortlist candidates on your hackathon workflow that would be eliminated by a typical process.

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Monitor and report your KPIs

  • Assign roles and collaborate with multiple stakeholders on your hackathon platform.
  • Manage the end-to-end process on the platform, engage directly with high-potential solutions and talent.
  • Report on customizable KPIs using real-time dashboards and export data with one click.

How we’ve helped others

Organizations have sourced an average of 100 teams per hackathon using Agorize.

AWS hackathon
AWS - Hackdays

Challenge: Build a future for South-East Asian countries with the power of technology and digitalization.


Top three winning teams received up to US$20,000 in cash prizes.

2,000 participants
10 represented countries

logo microsoft
Microsoft Azure - Virtual Hackathon

Challenge: Provide innovative solutions in advanced data analytics and AI for booming industries.


Winners were supported in transforming their idea into an impacting venture and got up to US$8,000 in cash prizes.

920 participants
16 represented countries

Some of our partner institutions

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