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The Agorize for Good label

The Agorize for Good label recognizes responsible innovation and diversity-supporting operations.

The label applies to all initiatives that include sustainability development goals as a core component.

We support our clients to make them aware of societal expectations regarding their actions.

This label is an opportunity for our clients to highlight their commitment and increase their visibility and impact.

How it works


You want to launch a challenge that contributes to a more sustainable world? Set your goals and purposes in line with the SDGs.


Collaborate with the internal Agorize sustainability team to establish a plan to reach the Ago for Good criterias throughout your project.

We will look together at the different stages of your challenge; set-up, application, and post-challenge to ensure each contribute to the SDGs.


Join our label, launch your challenge, and gain greater exposure.

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” The 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the most ambitious roadmap ever adopted by the United Nations member states. Today, for the success of this plan that can and must transform the world, we need involvement at all levels: States, local authorities, civil society, academics, researchers, and the private sector. “


Fabienne Pompey​
Communication Officer Desk France UN regional information center for Western Europe UNRIC

Agorize for Good objectives

Want to build sustainable partnerships, leverage current employees or attract new talent? Our open innovation software enables innovation at every level. 


all organizations such as companies, institutions, foundations and NGOs innovate in a more cooperative and sustainable way.

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to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by facilitating a new era of Open Innovation.

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in order to tackle the world's urgent issues as we believe the best ideas come from collective intelligence.

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Agorize has been not only a service provider but also a partner for many of our challenges, going way beyond the contract of arrangement we have with them. For example, by disseminating our challenges to their database of several millions talents.

Marc Lepage
Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Technology Innovation Specialist


Engage your stakeholders on society's challenges you want to tackle

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Collaborate with entrepreneurs who are changing the world

Build a sustainable brand in emerging markets. Source local solutions. Develop projects that are relevant to your company.

Build a community of changemakers around your core missions

Whether you want to focus on a location, a pain point, or a population, you can unite your stakeholders to innovate collaboratively.

Define your mission with your employees and your clients

Share a culture of positive transformations. Provide your employees with the opportunity to design your company’s future.

Launch your innovation program, for good.

Success story

Campus 2030

The Campus 2030 Challenge is an international challenge that brings together students, university researchers and professors around a common goal: making the sustainable campus a reality.

Participants imagine how these sites can be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, through the submission of their project.
The jury is notably composed of members of the United Nations (UNRIC) and the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

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Campus 2030 Online Final

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