Academic Innovation Partnerships

Offer your students a new approach to learning

For the past 10+ years, schools around the world have helped their students apply their academic knowledge to real-life business cases through Agorize’s innovation programs.

Agorize, en partenariat avec les écoles et universités

Our innovation programs

Whether your teach business, engineering, social sciences, design or any other discipline, we offer innovation programs that are relevant for your students. 

Contact us to help your students apply their knowledge in real-world case studies. 

Why choose Agorize as an education partner?

It can be a challenge to find real-life case studies that fit into your academic course, keep students engaged throughout the semester, and help them develop transferable and marketable skills. Agorize’s academic integrations answer those needs.

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Adopt an innovative approach

Increase student engagement throughout the academic semester by starting an academic integration. 
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Prepare students for their future career

Students develop valuable, marketable skills and connect with company representatives.

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Save time throughout the year

Get access to ready-to-use case studies and receive our support throughout the year. You also reduce time on grading students, as you can use industry experts’ evaluations and apply them to assign grades.

How to work with Agorize

Agorize works with schools through academic integrations. With an academic integration, you’ll be able to present students with case studies based on current industry challenges that they can work on. It can be fully integrated into their curriculum. 

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You can contact us to discuss your academic project, specific needs, learning objectives, etc.

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We will send you the list of available programs and challenges your students could work on the upcoming semester. We will be happy to create custom case studies, ensuring a perfect fit with the course you’re teaching.

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The kick-off session is a 30 min/ 1-hour presentation of the challenge to your students to ensure they have all the tools and materials to develop their projects. Company representatives can participate in the session, answering all the questions students might have.

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Agorize’s team will onboard students on the platform and incentivize project submissions with prizes and opportunities. We will send you the marks given by the judges to your students’ projects, which you can use as a course grade or simply as a reference. 


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Going beyond Academic Integrations

Academic Integrations are an easy and effective way to give students practical experience within the scope of your course. However, some schools want more. This is where our Academic Innovation Platform offer comes in. 

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What is an Academic Innovation Platform? 

Our Academic Innovation Platform goes one step further than Academic Integrations by allowing your school to run its own innovation programs, facilitating even more connections between students and corporate partners. 

Our success stories

This is how our academic partners look back on working with Agorize. 

academic innovation partnerships

“Agorize was a great connection between my students and multiple great companies, allowing them to create great projects related to innovation and future scenarios.”

academic innovation partnerships

Michele Albera
Master Coordinator at IED Torino, Italy

academic innovation partnerships

“Agorize favors the teaching of design methods. Problems from different industries allow exploring innovative designs with potential for transfer to the market.”

academic innovation partnerships

Felipe Torres Benoni
Professor at Universidad de Santiago de Chile

academic innovation partnerships

“The perfect solutions for a convenient and comprehensive platform to host the competition that engaged all four of our local universities and two partner institutions.”

academic innovation partnerships

Fioleda Kesseli
Ph.D Executive Director at Duke University

They trust us

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it’s completely free to book an Academic Integration with us! Simply reach out to get more information.

Students from all backgrounds and studying at any university or school can participate in our open innovation programs. Students can even participate until two years after graduation.

  • A kick-off session with a company representative can be organized during the semester to present the program and answer students’ questions.
  • Students get to access the dedicated program platform with many resources. On the platform, they can easily connect with administrators and company representatives for prompt support with their questions. And this, of course, complements the support you offer as a teacher

The organization of an Academic Integration can be done in less than a week. Once you’ve reached out to us, we will follow the steps mentioned in the “How to work with Agorize” section and get the ball rolling!

Reach out to our academic partnerships team

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