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With the ever-changing consumer behavior, businesses are happy to simply mimic some of its practices – using apps and smart devices. It’s a stab in the dark that’s the very opposite of a long-term successful marketing strategy. Making use of your customers' favorite devices is not enough anymore, putting them at the center of your strategy implies you have to think with them through co-creation.
Identifying and engaging employees, also known as talent management, is a strategic concern for companies and HR departments. Employee engagement consists of taking talents into account throughout the employee journey within the organization, from application to integration, through learning, personal development, and career progression.
So standing out from the crowd is no mean feat. We’ve organized 250 hackathons for 200 clients, and we’re using this experience to share our advice on foolproof tips to promote your hackathon.
For six years, Agorize has been studying the trends that make the dos and don’ts of recruitment. In 2022, the effort put into getting noticed by candidates and improving the quality of hire index is like never before.