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Our new Looking East series by Agorize Asia will be tackling topics surrounding innovation in Asia, our blog posts will be attempting to bring you the latest news, break down the facts and start discussions!
Hosting a 48-hour to 72-hour hackathon means tackling logistical, geographical, and time constraints. Not the most encouraging environment for innovation, in short. Imagine the colossal efforts that need to be made when organizing the perfect 48-hour event – you need to find a venue where as many participants as possible can get together and work at breakneck speed for more than two days straight.
The age of silos is over. The modern company is on a quest for agility and innovation. And although innovation is traditionally the domain of R&D departments, things are beginning to change.
With the ever-changing consumer behavior, businesses are happy to simply mimic some of its practices – using apps and smart devices. It’s a stab in the dark that’s the very opposite of a long-term successful marketing strategy. Making use of your customers' favorite devices is not enough anymore, putting them at the center of your strategy implies you have to think with them through co-creation.
So standing out from the crowd is no mean feat. We’ve organized 250 hackathons for 200 clients, and we’re using this experience to share our advice on foolproof tips to promote your hackathon.