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Open innovation platforms: Solving business problems through innovation challenges

Open innovation platforms are transforming how companies approach innovation, providing a process to engage a global pool of ideas and solutions. By leveraging crowdsourcing models, such platforms allow organizations to gather innovative ideas, streamline innovation management, and accelerate the development of groundbreaking solutions.

As the business landscape becomes more competitive, traditional innovation methods often fall short. Companies need fresh perspectives and novel solutions from outside their organizational boundaries. Open innovation platforms connect companies with a diverse array of innovators, including startups, academic institutions, and individual creators from around the world.

These platforms offer a structured and iterative approach to innovation, facilitating the entire process from ideation to implementation. For corporate innovation professionals, adopting open innovation platforms can be a game-changer. It enhances their capacity for innovation and optimizes the innovation process. Through targeted challenges, companies can attract high-quality submissions that provide valuable insights and actionable solutions.

Managing the innovation journey with open innovation platforms

Effectively managing the innovation journey requires a structured approach. An open innovation platform like Agorize provides the necessary tools and framework. These platforms streamline the entire process, from ideation to implementation. They offer features such as challenge management, real-time collaboration, and progress tracking. Innovators can submit their ideas through a user-friendly interface, while companies can easily review and evaluate submissions using customizable criteria. Agorize’s platform, for instance, supports transparent communication and feedback loops, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned throughout the innovation process. This structured approach not only enhances efficiency but also fosters a culture of continuous innovation. Which, in turn, enables companies to adapt quickly to market changes and emerging trends. By leveraging an open innovation platform, organizations can navigate the complexities of the innovation journey with greater ease and effectiveness.

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Case studies from Singapore 

Singapore has become a hub for innovation, with various successful initiatives that showcase the power of open innovation platforms. Two notable examples are NEC’s startup scouting program and Enterprise Singapore’s Sustainable Open Innovation Challenge. By engaging with startups and innovative companies, these programs demonstrate the effectiveness of structured and iterative open innovation processes in achieving strategic objectives and addressing critical issues such as sustainability and digital transformation.

Open innovation platforms: NEC

NEC, a leading technology provider, seeks to identify and assess startups to drive next-generation innovations. It aims to create valuable businesses by combining diverse knowledge beyond traditional boundaries. To achieve this, NEC uses an open innovation platform that helps facilitate a structured and iterative open innovation process. As they understand that relying solely on internal innovation capacity is insufficient. In a recent webinar, the NEC innovation team discussed why NEC seeks partnerships with startups and how these collaborations align with their strategic objectives. They also shared insights into successfully running a startup competition, overcoming various challenges, and attracting 324 applications from 66 countries. Fill out the form to access this insightful webinar and learn from the minds behind NEC’s successful innovation challenge.

Open innovation platforms: Enterprise Singapore

Government agency Enterprise Singapore champions enterprise development and supports Singapore’s growth as a global hub for trading and startups. They organize annual open innovation challenges to catalyze innovation partnerships between corporates and innovative companies. In collaboration with Agorize, Enterprise Singapore organized the Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge (SOIC). They aimed to co-innovate and address pressing sustainability issues such as decarbonization and circular economies. Corporates including Volkswagen, L’Oréal, Grab, P&G, and Changi Airport Group joined to crowdsource solutions from global and Singapore startups and SMEs. Each challenge statement reflected a sustainability topic. Challenge owners or demand drivers played a key role in guiding the innovation process. Download the full case study to discover Agorize’s solution in action for Enterprise Singapore and its corporate partners, key outcomes, next steps, reflections from key leaders, and more.

Scouting ideas and technologies to fuel a digital transformation 

Scouting for innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies is crucial for companies aiming to lead in the era of digital transformation. Open innovation platforms like Agorize enable organizations to cast a wide net, reaching out to a global community of innovators who can bring fresh perspectives and novel solutions. Through targeted innovation challenges, companies can identify and acquire breakthrough technologies that align with their digital transformation goals. This proactive approach to scouting allows businesses to stay ahead of technological trends, ensuring they adopt the most advanced and relevant tools and methodologies. Agorize’s platform facilitates seamless interactions between corporations and tech innovators, fostering collaborations that drive significant digital advancements. By continuously sourcing and integrating new technologies, companies can enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and maintain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

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What’s the difference between the right platform and the wrong platform? 

Choosing the right open innovation platform can make or break your innovation strategy. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline the entire innovation process. From challenge creation to solution implementation. It provides access to a vast, diverse community of innovators, ensuring a broad range of ideas and solutions. Additionally, the right platform emphasizes user experience, with intuitive interfaces for both companies and participants, robust support, and seamless integration with existing workflows. In contrast, the wrong platform may lack a critical mass of users, resulting in fewer, lower-quality submissions. It might offer limited functionality, making it difficult to manage innovation challenges effectively. Poor user experience, inadequate support, and lack of transparency can further hinder the innovation process. Ultimately, platforms foster a culture of continuous innovation, while the wrong one can stall progress and waste valuable resources.

Software featuresStrong platformWeak platform
Community sizeLarge, diverse communitySmall, limited user base
User interfaceIntuitive, user-friendly, gamificationComplicated, user-unfriendly
Support and resourcesExpert support and training Limited or no support
IntegrationSeamless integration through APIDifficult to integrate
Challenge managementComprehensive tools for managementBasic or inadequate tools
Submission quality High-quality, diverse submissionsFew, low-quality submissions
CommunicationDiverse communication tools like chat, webinar, etc. Poor communication
CustomizabilityCustomizability of program workflow as well as on-brand look and feelRigid, non-customizable features
SecurityISO 27001 certifiedWeak security measures
Analytics and reportingAdvanced and real-time analytics and reportingLimited or no reporting features
Global reachAccess to global innovatorsLimited to local or regional
Reputation and credibilityRecognized and awarded in the industry by analysts such as G2Little to no recognition


Open innovation platforms are revolutionizing how companies drive innovation by enabling them to tap into a global pool of ideas and solutions. By leveraging crowdsourcing and digital technology, these platforms allow organizations to gather innovative ideas, streamline innovation management, and accelerate the development of groundbreaking solutions. 

In Singapore, corporate innovation professionals are increasingly adopting these platforms to enhance their capacity for innovation and optimize the innovation process. Choosing the right open innovation platform is crucial. The right platform offers comprehensive tools, a diverse community of innovators, and robust support. Collectively ensuring a smooth and effective innovation journey. By launching innovation calls and crowdsourcing solutions from startups, companies can meet immediate business needs and foster continuous innovation. Embrace open innovation platforms to drive your company’s innovation and unlock new growth opportunities.

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