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Majorel One Mind: Global innovation program

Majorel is a global leader in business processes outsourcing. They chose Agorize as their innovation management tool to crowdsource, develop and implement solutions to help them better serve their clients. Discover how they achieved results and ROI in a matter of months.

idea management story of Majorel

Executive Summary

Majorel, the leader in business process outsourcing, operates on behalf of the largest international brands. To continue delivering services that meet increasingly high client expectations, they sought out a proactive innovation partner to improve their business processes.

The key to Majorel’s continuous improvement efforts is the consideration of proposals from customer-facing contact center agents. Majorel then evaluates these recommendations and deploys those selected as quickly as possible.

Majorel's objectives

  • Simplify the innovation process.
  • Engage all employees and ecosystems in the creation of value.
  • Ensure the continuous sharing of ideas and innovative solutions within the group, via a single, easy-to-access, and high-performance platform.
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Majorel in a nutshell

Majorel designs, builds and delivers next-generation end-to-end Customer Experience solutions for many of the world’s most respected digital-native and vertical leading brands. They have a comprehensive east-to-west global footprint in 45 countries across five continents, with more than 82,000 team members and 60 languages. This allows them to deliver flexible solutions that leverage their expertise in cultural nuance, which they believe to be essential for true excellence in CX. They have deep domain expertise in tech-augmented front to-back-office CX. Additionally, Majorel offers Digital Consumer Engagement, CX Consulting, and an innovative suite of Proprietary Digital Solutions for industry verticals. They are a global leader in Content Services, Trust & Safety.

They believe the ‘Majorel difference’ to be their culture of entrepreneurship.

Outsourcing business processes means clients entrust Majorel with all or part of their customer interaction. In a context where ensuring an optimal customer experience is imperative, Cx management is, therefore, a key element and the choice of an outsourcing partner is a part of a sustainable long-term strategy. Many leading brands choose Majorel for their ability to assist in increasing high satisfaction rates in the shortest time possible, while closely monitoring the quality of proposed customer paths.

Majorel continuously searches for innovative solutions to develop for or co-create with their clients. Using an innovation management platform has been an obvious choice for this industry leader and has led to these achievements. 

Agorize's innovation management solution

Agorize’s SaaS solution was implemented with Majorel in just two months, thanks to our dynamic and structured collaboration. Their innovation teams appreciated the flexibility and speed of execution by Agorize.

Because of the simplified user experience and engaging platform features, Majorel employees rapidly adopted the Agorize platform. More than 80% of the employees who received access, adopted the platform as soon as the first programs were launched.

The impact on the employee experience is also a key point: at Majorel, the OneMind innovation program in place is oriented as much on innovation as on the innovator. The platform also reinforces the strategy of enhancing the internal experience – the Voice of the Employee. It offers  the group’s employees seamless access to efficient reporting of the encountered pain points, their associated opportunities, and proposed solutions. These are then evaluated and tested with full-scale implementation in mind.

With just one client operation, more than 300 innovative ideas were proposed by employees and a dozen have already been implemented in the first quarter of 2022.

Majorel's innovation methodology with Agorize

Majorel ideation process

Majorel’s employees are able to propose innovative ideas to benefit the brands they work for while improving their own working environment.

Having clear milestones for the ideation process allows for improved solution implementation and results and return on investment measurement:

  1. Employees propose their ideas.
  2. Each idea is visible to all employees who can support them through different channels on the platform (appreciation votes, virtual cash investments, team building, etc.).
  3. As the ideas are submitted, evaluations are carried out by Majorel’s subject matter experts.
  4. The best ideas are presented to different stakeholders involved for further study, a possible pilot or implementation.

The Outcomes

The first ROI was quickly analyzed and continues to improve.

Several ideas are currently in development. Majorel reports concrete results for those projects that have already been implemented:

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50% improvement in processing time
after implementing tools and processes.
This allows employees to focus on tasks that have higher value for customers.

Agorize innovation for good

3x faster skills transfer
to new recruits
after operational processes
have been reviewed.

The use of the Agorize platform assists Majorel in solidifying its commitment to innovation. Agorize is not only a tool for identifying ideas, but also for recognizing the best talent and increasing engagement. Therefore, also increasing employee retention.

In addition to improving operational efficiency, innovation is an important part of any successful retention strategy in this hyper-competitive sector.

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"The innovation process is simplified, transparent and dynamic, thanks to - among other things - this unique, user-friendly and efficient tool. Also, the collective co-construction model enabled by the platform supports a strong message to our teams and our customers."
Amina Bendahmane
Majorel Group - Head of Global Innovation

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