WAICF and Agorize elevate AI through successful innovation Challenges

“Where the next generation of AI change-makers gets to be born.”

Paris, 7 Feb. 2024 – The World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) in collaboration with Agorize is proud to announce the success of two major innovation challenges that have significantly contributed to advancing the field of artificial intelligence. This partnership combines WAICF’s platform to showcase AI innovations and Agorize’s expertise in innovation challenges and startup scouting. As a result, the partners have made important developments in AI technology.


WAICF: a premier AI event

The World AI Cannes Festival is scheduled to take place on February 8th – 10th. This event is more than a trade show, it is a crucial meeting point for AI professionals. This year’s edition boasts a distinguished line-up of exhibitors and speakers, including industry giants such as AMADEUS, Huawei (also a client of Agorize), Dell, Google, HP, Fujitsu, and many others. These leading companies, alongside many AI professionals, will offer insights into the latest AI innovations, trends, and future developments. 

Agorize: Pioneers in startup scouting and innovation challenges

Agorize is renowned for its comprehensive approach to startup scouting and innovation challenge management. With a track record of identifying and nurturing groundbreaking talent and ideas in the tech space, Agorize brings its expertise to the WAICF collaboration. Their role is key in curating challenges that stimulate innovation and provide a real-world platform for new AI solutions to emerge and thrive.

Highlighting the innovation Challenges

The collaboration between WAICF and Agorize resulted in two innovation challenges: 

Neurons Awards

The Neurons Awards Challenge invited innovators, startups, and emerging companies to present AI solutions across various sectors, such as healthcare and finance. It served as a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their ideas and gain industry recognition. More than 50 innovative individuals and teams were selected. They will demonstrate their solutions at the festival, being given a unique opportunity to connect to fellow AI specialists and enthusiasts. 

WAICF AI Startup Challenge

The second program was the WAICF AI Startup Challenge targeted at emerging AI startups. This challenge focused on various AI applications, from entertainment to smart city technologies, offering a launchpad for the next wave of AI enterprises. More than 100 startups from 12 countries have already submitted their solutions. The selected finalists will pitch in front of an expert jury at the festival. 

The Impact of WAICF and Agorize partnership

This partnership showcases the limitless potential of AI and has provided a dedicated platform for the implementation of AI solutions in various sectors. The innovation challenges have opened doors for innovators and startups to pave the way for future advancements in AI.

The upcoming WAICF promises to be a landmark occasion where finalists and winners will demonstrate their solutions to the WAICF’s attendees. It makes for a unique event, where attendees can experience engaging keynotes, insightful panel discussions, and networking opportunities. We warmly invite the global AI community to join. 


The WAICF, an initiative of the EuropIA Institute and the City of Cannes, is expertly managed by Corp Agency, now a part of the RX network since 2023. WAICF serves as a vibrant forum for showcasing the most innovative AI strategies and use cases. The event, which joined RX in 2023, is a unique opportunity for industry leaders to engage in an unparalleled AI experience, connecting and inspiring a network of the world’s top AI professionals.

About Agorize

Agorize is a leading innovation management platform for corporates supported by software fueled by a community of 10M startups & innovators and supported by a team of experts. Agorize was awarded as a leader with ‘best-estimated RoI’ by G2 and supported the launch of 7000+ innovation programs, turning transformational ideas into tangible outcomes. Founded in 2011, Agorize helps global enterprise companies accelerate the innovation process from concept to full-scale implementation.

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