L’Oréal Brandstorm hackathon themed ‘Disrupt Beauty 2030’ to make lasting impact

The 31st edition of L’Oréal’s global phenomenon Brandstorm launches on 28 November 2022 and sets out to activate early talent around the world to make an impact that will be felt in the future. Themed ‘Disrupt Beauty 2030’, the innovation program by the beauty brand invites innovative minds to submit their best ideas in respective Green, Tech and Inclusion categories. Participants simultaneously enter a journey of e-learning, making the program a truly empowering experience that helps L’Oréal attract and engage a pool of talent of the future and for the future. 

Realizing change in the beauty industry

L’Oréal Brandstorm is one of the biggest innovation programs of its kind. It can be considered as one of the pioneers of global business games. Since its inception in 1992, more than 600,000 students and young entrepreneurs have participated. In 2022 alone, more than 83,000 people from 65 countries registered to attend.

Built around themes like inclusion, tech and green solutions, L’Oréal calls for ideas and entrepreneurial talents that can make a lasting impact on the beauty industry. Participants entered a 20 week-long program of e-learning and developed their ideas with support from local L’Oréal experts.

Innovation programs like Brandstorm offer essential insights into a brand’s core existing and future audience. It reveals the topics, products and offers their audiences are interested in, but equally as important, it illustrates their expectations of the brand. With generations like Millennials and Gen Z, this is an increasing must for those that intend to continuously engage with their customers. These expectations can cover a broad range of topics, think of diversity and inclusion, impact on climate change and digitalization. Some of them have been cleverly integrated in Brandstorm.

Collective intelligence fosters innovation and efficient recruitment

While not the main objective, L’Oréal engages so many talents through Brandstorm that many, beyond the winning teams, are hired at one of the L’Oréal offices.

Brandstorm illustrates the effectiveness of innovation programs to attract talent and assess their fit to the company, all through engaging them on future-defining topics and strengthening the employer brand over an extended period of time. It is a true example of leveraging collective intelligence to become a company that is built to last. According to Universum World’s Most Attractive Employers, this is an initiative that contributes to making L’Oréal one of the most attractive brands out there.

“Every year, between 150 and 200 people are hired by the Group thanks to Brandstorm. The competition has considerably evolved to better meet the expectations of the young participants, as well as the Group’s current recruitment needs and its position as a Beauty Tech Company, which requires an increasingly wide range of skills and diversified profiles.”Jean-Claude Le Grand, L’Oréal Executive Vice-President Human Relations

Those interested in participating in or following Brandstorm 2023, can access their website here.

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