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Employee recognition awards: Foster employee engagement

Poor employee recognition results in employee resignation. According to Morning Consult’s research, a lack of recognition or sense of belonging is the second leading cause of employees resigning. The only thing that causes more resignations is unsatisfactory salaries. A survey by Hays among 17,000 professionals supports this. They found that 44% of respondents had left their job due to a lack of professional recognition. Furthermore, this talent management problem is often exacerbated by companies’ inadequate recognition processes and systems. To combat this, leading organizations seek partners that offer customizable employee recognition solutions. An employee recognition awards platform is one of these solutions. So, read on to understand why and how they’re highly relevant for leaders in 2023.

Reinforcing engagement through employee recognition awards 

Lack of employee recognition can create an imbalance between employees’ perceptions and expected recognition. When this happens, a gradual disengagement and a decrease in team efficiency usually follow. However, the perceived complexity of managing recognition programs can deter managers and team leaders from setting them up altogether.

Corporate rewards programs have proven to be highly effective tools for enhancing employees’ motivation at large organizations. For example, these programs acknowledge the intrinsic human desire for recognition and validation, providing employees with tangible and intangible rewards that go beyond monetary compensation. By offering a variety of incentives such as bonuses, promotions, flexible work arrangements, and even non-monetary rewards like public recognition or opportunities for skill development, these programs create a sense of achievement and belonging. 

How employees are selected for awards depends on each organization but there are a couple of approaches to take.

  • Peer-to-peer recognition encourages colleagues and team members to acknowledge each other’s contributions, fostering a supportive atmosphere.
  • Performance awards recognize outstanding individual achievements
  • Leadership awards celebrate those who inspire and guide their teams.
  • Teamwork awards highlight collaborative efforts that drive success
  • Customer service awards recognize employees who go above and beyond for customers.
  •  Longevity is acknowledged through X Years of Service awards, showing appreciation for loyalty.
  • The Employee of the Month award brings monthly distinction to exceptional contributors.
  • Finally, the creative employee category acknowledges those who bring innovative ideas to the table, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and ingenuity.

Thus, a diverse recognition program caters to various strengths and contributions, creating a motivated and engaged workforce.

employee recognition awards

Award program objectives

In pursuit of fostering a thriving and dynamic work environment, organizations often establish employee award programs with a set of well-defined objectives. Then, the objectives serve as guiding principles that shape the design and implementation of recognition initiatives. These are some common objectives that organizations set for programs that award employees: 

  1. Enhancing Motivation: Increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and commitment by recognizing and rewarding their efforts.
  2. Performance Improvement: Drive higher performance and productivity through clear performance expectations and incentives.
  3. Talent Retention: Retain top talent by providing meaningful recognition and incentives for their contributions.
  4. Cultural Reinforcement: Reinforce desired behaviors and values that align with the company’s culture and goals.
  5. Company Loyalty: Cultivate a sense of loyalty and commitment to the organization among employees.

Elements of effective employee recognition awards

Effective employee recognition programs aren’t just about giving a pat on the back. It’s about creating an experience that resonates deeply with your workforce. That’s where some essential elements come into play. Each of the elements listed below contributes a vital aspect to the recognition puzzle, making it a dynamic and transformative process. When done right, these programs can help transform your business and support your growth and innovation goals. The elements you need are: 

  • Engaging and on-brand promotion of your program
  • An efficient tracking system of submitted ideas and nominees 
  • Communication tools to widely share results 
  • Substantial and appropriate rewards and prizes

However, some want to take their employee recognition awards to the next level and maximize their impact. If that’s the case, then find an employee recognition platform that allows you to add on features that create an even more engaging and integrated awards process:  

  • Customizable selection criteria
  • Democratized nomination and voting process
  • Integration with your existing systems 

After all, the higher your workforce’s engagement with the rewards program, the more valuable it becomes to receive the recognition. When done right, you can turn a single program into a recurring event and an integral part of your company culture. Something that everyone is proud to partake in and promote, even externally. 

employee recognition awards

Best employee reward ideas 

Which rewards you give to those who are selected as high performers, inspiring leaders, or rising stars, depends on your objectives, preferences, and type of program. Regardless, don’t underestimate the importance of doing this step right. Follow through on the promised prizes, celebrate properly when opting for public recognition, and clearly clarify how contributions can result in career opportunities. With that said, these are some common rewards that companies use in their programs. 

Monetary rewards

Bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing are financial rewards that motivate your employees to exceed their goals. Reward exceptional performance and encourage innovation by providing additional financial incentives. Offering monetary rewards for innovative ideas or breakthroughs can spur a culture of creativity and problem-solving because employees see their innovative efforts directly impacting their financial well-being.

Non-monetary rewards

Create a memorable employee experience by offering non-monetary rewards. Travel, special events, valuable items, and extra days off can strengthen employee loyalty and promote a collaborative and innovation-driven corporate culture. Non-monetary rewards can serve as powerful tools for reinforcing company values, celebrating milestones, and reinforcing the idea that employees are integral to the organization’s success beyond their immediate tasks

Public recognition

Acknowledge employee contributions by recognizing them publicly at team meetings, award ceremonies, or in company newsletters. Public recognition can strengthen team engagement and encourage ongoing innovation. Public recognition not only boosts the morale of the recognized employee but also inspires others to emulate the recognized behavior or effort. It fosters a sense of pride and unity within teams, creating a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Moreover, by publicly acknowledging individual contributions, organizations communicate their appreciation for the collective efforts that drive innovation and progress.

Promotions and career opportunities

Lastly, offering promotions or new career pathways to exceptional employees not only acknowledges their contributions but also provides a clear trajectory for advancement. This encourages employees to stay committed to the organization, knowing that their hard work can lead to meaningful career progression. Promotions and career opportunities also convey a sense of trust in employees’ abilities, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility for the organization’s future success.

employee recognition awards

Manage and improve your employee recognition awards program 

For Innovation Directors and HR Directors, employee recognition award programs are not just feel-good initiatives; they are strategic tools that hold immense value. Innovation Directors recognize that fostering a culture of innovation requires engaged and motivated teams. Employee recognition serves as a catalyst here, as it acknowledges and rewards the creative and pioneering efforts of individuals. It not only boosts morale but also encourages employees to think outside the box, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement and inventive thinking.

HR Directors understand that engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover costs. Employee recognition programs play a significant role in talent retention. When employees feel recognized and valued, they are more likely to remain committed to the organization. This is especially important in a competitive job market where retaining top talent is crucial.

Build an effective awards process 

Designing and managing employee recognition award programs can be a taxing process. From tracking nominations and contributions to ensuring fairness and transparency in the selection process, it demands a considerable amount of time and effort. The administrative burden can be overwhelming, especially as organizations grow in size.

However, the right tools can significantly alleviate this burden. Automated systems can streamline the entire process – from collecting nominations and facilitating voting to managing rewards distribution. These tools not only save time but also enhance accuracy and transparency. They allow Innovation and HR Directors to focus on the strategic aspects of the program rather than getting caught up in the logistics.

In essence, recognizing and celebrating employee contributions is pivotal for a thriving workplace culture and innovation. The process might be demanding, but with the right tools, it can become efficient, seamless, and ultimately, more effective in driving innovation and employee engagement.

Agorize offers large companies comprehensive software to grow collective intelligence and engagement. Design custom programs, centralize entries, and ensure a seamless participant experience with an intuitive platform. The award management platform facilitates team collaboration by providing a shared exchange space and voting, automating many time-consuming tasks. With real-time tracking, customization, and detailed reporting features, you will have complete visibility into your professional trophy program performance. Measure the impact of your initiatives and adjust your next actions accordingly.

Streamline your awards program with Agorize’s awards management software

With our extensive experience in developing collective intelligence models for large companies, Agorize has gained a deep understanding of the challenges and needs related to managing recognition programs within businesses. After regularly hearing our HR partners express difficulties in planning significant company events, Agorize realized how essential this was. By combining our expertise as the industry leader in open innovation with a genuine understanding of transformation needs, we felt the need to step in.

As a software leader, Agorize stands out with a comprehensive platform to accelerate employee innovation and engagement. Contact us today to discuss employee recognition awards solutions for your company. Together, we can improve your processes to accelerate your growth. 

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