Technews: New features to better engage your audience

This quarter, the Agorize team improved several key features to help you better engage ecosystems and qualify their ideas. We’ve also released a highly requested feature: Global announcements. Keep on reading to learn more about it (or simply watch the video below)!

Global announcements

Platform admins can now send announcements to participants from the organizer’s different programs. It’s a new way to engage with your ecosystem and save time on your communication efforts. Participants will receive a platform notification and an email with the announcement message.
global announcements feature
properties feature


We’ve improved our “Properties” feature to help you better qualify ideas and projects. You can add, edit and delete properties as well as their values. You can also see how many ideas or projects have a value assigned to it. To assign properties to ideas or projects, navigate to your idea management Kanban view or individual idea views.

Messaging interface

Our messaging interface had a makeover to enhance the user experience. We also added a feature so you can directly message a team from the idea or project view or message an individual directly from their profile!
messanger feature

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