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One platform for all corporates innovation needs.

We deliver cutting-edge innovation management software connected to 10 million startups and innovators. Plus, our dedicated team of experts helps corporates launch innovation programs to reveal ideas and turn them into results, fast.

From concept to tangible results

Agorize is a collective intelligence platform for large companies to call for innovative solutions from  startups, students and internal talents that support their transformation at scale.

Agorize is the most comprehensive innovation software fueled by 10 million startups and innovators.

Agorize provides velocity in innovation processes of global companies.

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More than 300 corporates and governments
around the world use our platform to innovate
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Leader of Innovation and idea platform for Enterprise companies
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Best ROI of Innovation and idea platform

92% of our customers recommend Agorize for innovation management, notably for its proven Return on Investment

What Agorize helps you achieve

Identify ideas, opportunities, or problems to develop innovative solutions that will transform your business.

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Reveal the best startups in your ecosystem to develop innovative solutions and technologies.

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Reveal the best early talent and their ideas by engaging students across the world.

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Launch hackathons to identify innovative solutions and people in all domains.

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Collect and assess insights from your employees to develop value-creating solutions. Engage employees and your ecosystem.

Discover Agorize Idea Management (IMS)

Recognize excellence with  your corporate awards.

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How Agorize accelerates business transformation

We provide cutting-edge innovation management technology to foster change and accelerate transformation of global enterprise companies.



Collect ideas from the ecosystem and integrate them in a continuous improvement approach.

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Open innovation

Leverage collective intelligence from any community.

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Technology and startup scouting

Discover new technologies and trends. Build an engaged innovation ecosystem.

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Employer branding

Increase your attractiveness by positioning as an innovative brand. Scout talent everywhere.

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Engage a global employee base in a collaborative innovation journey.

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Innovate for good

Make a shift to sustainable innovation in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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Why innovation leaders love our platform

We believe anyone can innovate. We give organizations the power to transform with value-creating insights.

"If you look at standards, it takes on average 24 months or more to bring an ideation to the market. With this challenge, we were able to do it in 9 months."

Sachin Jain
PepsiCo Global Talent Management Director
"The innovation process is simplified, transparent and dynamic, thanks to - among other things - this unique, user-friendly and efficient tool. Also, the collective co-construction model enabled by the platform supports a strong message to our teams and our customers."
Amina Bendahmane
Majorel Head of Global Innovation

What our users value about Agorize

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Quality of support

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Some of our customers' favorite features

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