Agorize powers Microsoft’s national AI hackathons program “À Vous L’IA”

26 March 2024, Paris – Detecting professional AI use cases has become a competitive factor for any business. After launching a successful partnership with the World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) earlier this year, Agorize now announces its partnership with Microsoft for the tech giants’ national “À Vous L’IA” (AI is Yours) program. The innovation platform provider enables Microsoft to reach millions in an effort to democratize AI.  

Microsoft launches “À Vous L’IA” hackathons with Agorize

Microsoft’s national AI initiative is designed to democratize artificial intelligence further and empower every individual with AI tools. Launched by the group’s France division, it is acting on the country’s reception of democratized AI so far. AI has already become a staple in the daily lives of the French, with 73% acknowledging its use in some capacity. Furthermore, 51% of people in the workforce express positive sentiments about AI’s potential impact on their professional futures.

Through “À Vous L’IA”, Microsoft aims to accelerate this positive trend and ensure that the benefits of AI are accessible to all, marking a significant step forward in a collective technological journey. Microsoft has chosen to use Agorize’s innovation management platform to manage this large-scale project and deploy multiple hackathons. Agorize’s all-in-one platform is used by multinational corporates to help them foster new AI uses and solutions internally, detect external AI solutions from startups and innovators, and promote recognition and collaboration between employees. 

AI Innovations Microsoft A Vous L'IA

Innovation platforms: A catalyst for AI adoption and innovation

The entire AI program is divided into four dedicated phases, which will address, startups, SMEs, students and the public at large throughout 2024 and into 2025.

Thanks to the use of Agorize’s innovation platform to launch and manage this immense effort, Microsoft’s team will be able to handle all steps of the process with ease. Agorize’s team not only supports Microsoft with a custom-built platform that facilitates collaboration and ideation.

A true catalyst for AI adoption and innovation, Agorize will support Microsoft through all four phases of its program: 

  1. Train 100,000 people in the use of AI
  2. Accelerate the adoption of AI by SMEs
  3. Facilitate the immersion of women in technical digital professions
  4. Detect the best AI business use cases, selected from multiple hackathons.
  5. Reveal the best use cases, live during Viva Technology 2024 in Paris.

Leader in innovation programs for AI 

While the democratization of AI has boosted companies’ engagement with the topic, as proven by the “À Vous L’IA” program, Agorize has supported organizations with their AI adoption and innovation for years. The rapid development of AI has motivated companies to accelerate. They turn to Agorize to organize internal and external innovation programs to identify, develop, and deploy AI solutions. Prime examples include the World AI Cannes Festival’s startup competition, Etisalat’s AI graduate program, and Orange’s Data-AI acceleration program at Vivatech. 

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