Renault accelerates its innovation process with Agorize

Agorize offers innovation management software fueled by 10 million startups and innovators to reveal innovative ideas and deploy them on a large scale.
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Renault Group

Accelerate the transformation of the Renault group thanks to your unlimited-use Agorize platform

Engage our community of innovators to scout solutions across domains. For example: 
Develop a range of clean or Net Zero vehicles, revolutionize battery charging, rethink the onboarding process…

Build on the success of Renault's Mobilize Mobility Competition, and launch your own innovation program with Agorize

Find the best startups in your industry to partner with and co-develop innovative solutions and technologies.


Spot the best early talent and their ideas by engaging students across the world.

Launch hackathons to identify innovative prototypes and individuals in a variety of domains.

Collect and assess insights from your employees to develop solutions that foster organizational change.

Scout, engage, and assess the best talent while also strengthening your brand.

Easily recognize your best people and ideas and ollectively evaluate high-value contributions.

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Renault Group programs launched with Agorize

Mobility contest 2023 X Mobilize

Mobilize Mobility contest 2023

A student innovation competition for the Mobilize brand.

Results: 366 participants, 3 improvement projects launched.

Agorize’s solution:

  • Turnkey deliver of student competition platform delivered
  • Student sourcing from community of top schools
Agorize opère les Trophées Renault

Renault Frères Awards

An awards program to reward and highlight talent whose innovations are implemented at Renault.

Agorize’s solution:

  • A ready-to-launch awards platform to hand out company awards
  • Support for participants
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" Alors qu'il nous faut habituellement 24 mois de l'idée produit à la mise sur le marché, là, nous avons pu lancer notre nouveau produit en 9 mois ! Un temps record dans notre secteur ! "
Sachin Jain
Global Talent Management Director chez PepsiCo

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