Technews: New features Spring 2023

2022 was a year rich in innovations on the Agorize platform. We launched new types of programs, new features, and improvements to existing features. These improvements and features were developed based on your feedback on our software. Our main goals are to enhance our platform’s user-friendliness and increase the engagement rate on your programs. Here is a summary of the updates we launched in 2022.

New use cases

We’ve released the free workflow system (Kanban view) to manage ideas and applications one by one and independently from the progress or status of other submissions. Admins can move submissions through the different steps of their  workflow using the drag-and-drop method.

Based on this new feature, we’ve implemented three new use cases:

  • Call for Ideas
  • Call for Startups
  • Recruitment programs
people sharing ideas
idea management system

These are some of their key features:

  • Display participation and jury-related information on cards in your Idea Management Kanban
  • Easily discard an idea
  • Add filtering options in the Idea Management Kanban section
  • Add sorting options in the Idea Management Kanban section
  • Add information about the jury results in the Project viewer
  • Add comments from the jury in the jury results information tab
  • Opt for asynchronous mode

Centralized repository

Maintain order and focus with one centralized repository. Access, sort and rank ideas and submissions through the Hub’s Kanban view and Project view. 
Hub: Kanban view. The Agorize Hub is now enriched with a Kanban view. Kanban is a popular, visualized lean working method that supports improvement based on continuous communication and revision. 
hub view on Agorize idea and innovation platform
Agorize idea and innovation software idea profile page
The Project view is a space that centralizes all information related to an application/idea. Administrators can now see all deliverables for each stage.

Leaderboard: Encourage and reward engagement

You can now boost and reward participant engagement with our leaderboard. The leaderboard displays the best participants of a program according to their number of points. You can modify the number of points awarded for each action via an interface on the super admin side to optimize according to your priorities, like number of submissions or collaboration between people. The number of actions linked to the point system has increased.
leaderboard on Agorize platform

Build your program even faster

We want you to be able to build high-quality programs as fast as possible. These are some improvements we’ve implemented to support the design phase of your innovation program.
Easy Innovation program launcher

Program templates

In order to simplify the program creation, templates are now available on all platforms. At this step, super admins can select templates according to the program type previously selected. Each type has the “blank template” as a default choice allowing them to start from scratch. However, super admins can now also pick a template from our library and preview it before saving their program.

Save design studio designs

Up until now, designs could be done in one shot only. These days are over. Admins can now access designs they made in a dedicated section. Their designs are saved when downloading the image.

design studio

Engage local communities

We always want to expand the global reach we and our clients have. Target your communities even better with the latest updates in the language features. 
New challenge languages:
  • Turkish (tr)
  • Indonesian (in)
  • Danish (da)
  • Finnish (fi)
  • Norwegian (nor)
  • Czech (cs)
  • Swedish (sv)
agorize translation center
New “keys” language to better use translation center. Until now, it was difficult to properly use the translation center to modify specific wording. It is now easy to do using a new “keys” language added on all platforms. It basically turns the platform into keys used for translations. Then, you just need to copy paste the key you want to modify in the translation center and modify the wording in the language you want.

But also…

  • New notifications in juries. We introduced a new option in Juries called “Notify participants”. Thiswill notify participants when someone leaves a comment on their submission when activated. A notification will also be sent to users who already left comments on the same submission. These two notifications follow the same principle as other platform notifications (i.e. sent inside the platform and by email depending on user preferences)
  • Simplification of participation flow. The default participation form has been simplified in order to be closer to the One Click Participation logic. This feature is flagged and will be activated by default. It is still possible to deactivate it when needed. Therefore, optional modals like “Hiring”, “Team cover”, and “Invite your friends” can be activated on the participation form.

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