Idea Management Software Updates

We are happy to share the newest features of the IDEA BOX.

What changed? Your idea management experience on Agorize will be even more dynamic and collaborative, making sharing and developing ideas easier. Let’s dive into the new features.

idea management software kanban step

Adapt workflows to the rhythm of your team

Create a customized IDEA BOX by defining the different steps of your workflow. Submitted ideas move through the funnel at their own pace, regardless of the status of other ideas. This creates a more continuous idea management process.

Assign owners to steps

Collaboration has become easier as you can assign owners to each step. They will receive a notification when action is required, such as giving feedback.
idea management software step owner feature
idea management software - filter and sort

Filter and sort ideas

Sort your Kanban board by ideas’ grade, status or category. You’re now also able to discard and restore individual ideas. This keeps your idea database up to date.

Explore the lifecycle of each idea

Want to revisit the development and evaluation of an idea? You can find all assets, comments, inputs from each step, likes and grades on the dedicated idea page.

idea management software idea lifecycle

PS: These new features are also available for recruitment program and call for startups. You can also click here for more product updates

Watch this short video for a demonstration of these new features.