Lab Rats: Why are Companies Experimenting with Innovation Labs in Singapore?

This month, three global banks opened up their own innovation labs in Singapore. The fact that Bank of China, Australian Westpac and Deutsche Bank have all opened innovation labs in Asia demonstrates the shift in mentality for larger corporates and institutions towards innovation and an increasingly common pivot towards the East. Why Singapore? It’s not

Why Big Companies That Act Like Startups Make Tremendous Profit
Why Big Companies That Act Like Startups Make Tremendous Profit?

First thing first: take a look at the Fortune 500 companies in 1955 v. 2017: only 60 firms (12%) that made the list in 1955 are still on the list in 2017. 88% of the companies have either merged (or were acquired by) another organization, gone bankrupt, or still exist but have fallen from the

transformation digitale
Going Digital: How Can My Company Do It Right Now?

“Digital transformation is expected to deliver both operational and financial results within 18 months on average” says Fujitsu’s digital transformation PACT. The biggest drivers of this transformation are the customers by 58%.   How can my company start going digital today? Tough one. If 85% of companies are putting a digital strategy together, only 26%

Chief Happiness Officer's Desk
A day in the life of a Chief Happiness Officer

Every day as a Chief Happiness Officer is different. And when you add my other role as the Office Manager into the mix, there’s no time to be bored! Although my job involves ensuring team well-being and cohesion here at Agorize, I also deal with invoices, contracts and supplier orders. Come and experience a day

creativity and project management
Creativity – a key weapon in the project management arsenal

Project management is generally seen as an exercise that requires rigour and structure – so creativity and innovation aren’t exactly the first words to spring to mind. But we’re about to see that, despite what a lot of people think, a big dollop of creativity can make your project management a lot more effective. Whether

The wheel of innovation and circular economy
Circular economy: an innovative business model

Rising sea temperatures, greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity, climate refugees – 2015 saw the highest temperatures in 1,500 years. And the biggest sceptics will tell you that things aren’t about to improve any time soon. The planet cannot get better all by itself – and that’s the problem. Yes, it’s easy to say you’re

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