Ezeeworld, the market leader in mobile and online development, is our startup of the month! Placing second in the Lottery Challenge, the Ezeeworld team looks back at their experience and introduces us to their Neerby solution!
Co-founder Patrick Chatanay and sales director Marie Dève answered our questions.

Tell us about your solution!

“Neerby is a platform – a technological solution – that’s dedicated to the world of retail, to content publishers in the broadest sense. Its aim is to understand everything about the customer relationship, and it does this by focusing on the customer relationship itself and on the way we give brands the opportunity to interact with individuals, mainly as part of a real-world retargeting approach via all communication channels.”

Who are your clients?

“Currently, our clients are major content publishers and retailers, all of which have physical points of sale. Our clients include La Poste, Leclerc, Leroy Merlin and Coca-Cola – generally, major retail players and major content publishers and/or advertisers.”

What challenge did you take part in and why?

“We took part in the European Lottery Challenge. La Française des Jeux is a key player that, both for us and for our ecosystem, is a perfect fit for our product’s aim.”
Your experience of the challenge final:
“Our experience in three words: the opportunity to be able to take part in this kind of challenge and to meet all of the national lotteries. Adrenaline, of course – lots of startups presented their projects, so there was the adrenaline of standing in front of dozens of people with all eyes on us. And thirdly, the competition, because we were up against pitches from other startups.”

What benefits did the challenge bring to you?


“Visibility was a key benefit, naturally, because we had the opportunity to meet several major players from across Europe. There’s also the fact that we had the opportunity to meet people within the lottery companies, mainly La Française des Jeux, both on the innovation side and the business application side. And finally, the opportunity to work with their teams following the challenge to design new and innovative concepts that we hope will be the products of the future.”

How are you getting on with the key players that organized the challenge?

“The challenge meant we were able to meet with key people working in innovation right there and then, including from La Française des Jeux and from other European lotteries. It’s also meant that we’ve been able to stay in touch with them and to begin talks on planning potential trials – both in terms of innovation and in terms of business applications, particularly in the world of retail.”

How would you describe your first Agorize challenge?

“Our experience with Agorize was excellent – the tools they made available to us, the platform, and how the event was organized.”
“Everything was really clear, and I’d like to add that the post-challenge follow-up from the Agorize team was also really well done – they’re really keen to hear updates on how everything’s going, etc. It’s a truly seamless experience.”


And a few bonus ‘Chinese portrait’ questions for our interviewees!

If you were a job?
Patrick Chatanay: president!
Marie Dève: concert performer, professional pianist.
If you were a film?
P.C: The 12 Labours of Hercules
M.D: La La Land
If you were a song?
P.C: Paname by Slimane
M.D: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
If you were a book?
P.C: L’Homme Positif (The Positive Man) by Thierry Marx
M.D: Froth on the Daydream by Boris Vian
If you were a quote?
P.C: “Obstinacy is the path to success” – Charlie Chaplin
M.D: “Shoot for the moon – even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

Visit us at http://ezeeworld.com/en/

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