Idea Management Software

Agorize IDEA BOX

  • Reveal and develop innovative ideas to transform your organization and create more value
  • Detect major pain points of your employees and customers
  • Share best practices across your ecosystem on a centralized platform

Collective intelligence on a single platform

More than 300 enterprise companies have successfully improved processes, launched new products, strengthened their corporate culture, and accelerated innovation leveraging Agorize’s idea management software.

What makes it so great? We’ve put all the features you need on a single platform.

Unleash hidden potential

  • Adopt a funnel approach to continuously identify pain points and develop ideas.
  • Develop each proposal throughout the ideation funnel.
  • Co-create with participants through comments and voting.
  • Build custom platforms that fit your problem statements and ecosystem.
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Gamify the ideation process

  • Foster engagement with:
    • the Investment Game feature that allows participants to invest virtual cash in top ideas.
    • grading criteria to create a blueprint for users to score ideas with.
  • Reward engaged participants with points and a spot on the leaderboard. 

Move forward with the best ideas

  • Visualize and manage ideas from internal and external communities on a single platform.
  • Move ideas through your funnel with drag and drop.
  • Integrate your idea management platform with existing tools and systems.
  • Easily generate and export data on a multilingual platform.
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One solution for a significant impact on KPIs

One solution for a significant impact on KPIs

Engaging your teams and external communities in your corporate challenges creates more value, make your organization more efficient, and enhances your (e)NPS.

In the short term, these improvements represent additional growth points, and in the long term, millions saved.

Scale faster by continuously listening to your employees and ecosystem.

Engaging your teams and external communities on your corporate challenges will have a positive impact on your efficiency and NPS and eNPS. In the short term, these improvements represent additional growth points and in the long term millions saved.

Foster continuous improvement

Agorize IDEA BOX is a platform that helps you easily gather and evaluate ideas.
To continuously drive change with your employees and communities we offer two idea box methodologies:

Continuous contribution

schema of a continuous idea management process

Step-by-step contribution

schema of a step by step idea management process
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"The innovation process is simplified, transparent and dynamic, thanks to - among other things - this unique, user-friendly and efficient tool. Also, the collective co-construction model enabled by the platform supports a strong message to our teams and our customers."

They create value with Agorize's
Idea Management platform

RATP Idea box case study with Agorize

RATP "Station I RDS"

Discover how Agorize helped RATP collect and promote employees’ best ideas with our ideation platform.

Johan Cruyff Arena and KNVB

Discover how Agorize helped Johan Cruyff Arena and KNVB connect with fans to reimagine football and its fan clubs.

Idea management made easy

Ideation funnel with Agorize software
  • Collect, assess and develop ideas to transform your organization and drive growth.
  • Drive continuous improvement with your employees and communities.
  • Strengthen your company culture and develop your brand image to foster engagement and enhance loyalty.
  • Monitor and report on KPIs with real-time dashboards.

With our software, you quickly and easily identify the most promising ideas and track their progress through implementation.

Combine employee engagement and innovation management.
The Agorize platform is designed to engage your employees, helping you foster a culture of innovation and drive productivity gains.

Transform your business with value-creating insights.