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Get real about your Digital Transformation

A powerful tool to enable a data-centric culture and help employees to adopt digital tools & processes.

Get smarter about what matters to you

Align with your company's vision

Involve management teams

Identify internal changemakers

Digital acculturation

Mobilize all employees

Train your key people

Transformation isn't a top-down initiative


% participation rate


Successfully implemented


times faster adoption
of new processes &


% increase in your
change success rate

Transform your company sustainably​

You don’t have to endure changes. You can embrace them and even be ahead of them.

Anchor agility to your company's DNA​

Take your employees out of their comfort zone. Get them involved in an innovation challenge to put them at ease. Instill agility at every level of your organization. 

Identify solutions with collective intelligence​

Spot disruptive solutions through your challenges. With a bottom-up process, get insights and roadblocks from people in the field to better define your strategy.


Unite your team around transformation​

Most of the time, strategic requirements don’t involve approval from your teams. Projects, teamwork and openness guarantee empowerment of your teams and create a new collaborative way of working.

Make your employees into change ambassadors​

Pool your communication channels to spread and pass your vision to all your employees in an innovative and interactive way.

Bring value to your employer brand​

With bottom-up processes and challenges, foster loyalty within your team and create a real team spirit

What can you achieve with Agorize?

intrapreneurship challenge

Internal Challenge

Involve your employees & unlock human value to break BU & geographical barriers:

  • Deploy bottom-up management
  • Drive adoption of corporate's vision
  • Achieve employees' & management's commitments

startup agorize

Startup Challenge

Engage with startups to provide better customer service & assess process optimization:

  • Develop new products, services & functions
  • Identify unexplored market segments
  • Accelerate the launch of new products/services through co-creation

Challenge-driven learning

Run a training program that goes beyond skills to anchor agility-based methods in line with the company's vision:

  • Actionable projects for your business
  • Give your employees the skills to thrive in fast-changing environments
  • Address each BU for effective transition

You'll be in good company


The licence was used as an internal communication tool for employees. 


The challenge was used to spot innovative solutions & acculturate employees to digital transofrmation.


ALD’s Employees were asked to kill the company’s business. The goal: find tomorrow’s offers.

Focus on creating value​

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Agorize setzt sich zusammen aus “Agora” und “Rise”. Wir verbinden Unternehmen und Innovatoren auf der ganzen Welt über Open Innovation Challenges.



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