The 5 best ways to sabotage your hackathon

What’s the difference between running a hackathon and sailing into a gale? A cynic might tell you that the boat will get a lot further. To stop your flagship of innovation being torpedoed before it even leaves port, Agorize is donning its captain’s gear and helping you to navigate the turbid waters of open innovation.

Hackathon : l'arme fatale du consumer insight
Hackathons – the new lethal weapon in consumer insight

Marketing costs companies too much money! The latest study from Oracle Marketing Cloud reveals that only 52% of businesses increased their marketing budget in 2016. That’s 11 percentage points fewer than in 2015 (63%) – and maybe it’s down to the number of marketing flops in recent years. Half of all consumer products end up consigned

CV HR recruitement open innovation
Open innovation: the CV is dead, long live the CV!

After decades of adoration, the strange supreme being known as the curriculum vitae or résumé is losing its faithful congregation. Recruiters, students and jobseekers are increasingly turning to other methods of choosing candidates. Time to throw out the cold and impersonal CV! The recruitment revolution is here, based on a guiding principle – open innovation.

Employer brand: 3 companies that have gone from outsiders to superstars

For some major BtoB companies, the battle to recruit young talent is extremely taxing. Faced with trendy, world-famous groups, they are forced to redouble their efforts to make themselves known and win over their future employees. And yet some companies that are barely known to the general public still manage to position themselves as dream

Recruitment fairs vs open innovation challenges – how should you recruit?

Jean-Baptiste Bouché, the author of this article, is the Agorize community’s most capped veteran. He has taken part in 21 open innovation challenges in two years, reaching the podium 11 times – including five top spots. Why compare a recruitment fair to an open innovation challenge? Because they’re both tools designed to identify and attract

Machine Learning
Everything you need to know about machine learning in 4 minutes

Everything you need to know about machine learning in 4 minutes Hordes of demon droids capable of emotion and ready to sacrifice humanity to achieve world domination. No, it’s not the next Will Smith blockbuster – it’s what many people imagine when they hear the words ‘machine learning’. In fact, it’s a branch of statistics

Mariette Lefebve Interview
[Interview] Publicis: Mariette Lefebvre takes a look back at Publicis90, the biggest startup selection ever

Publicis90 is the biggest startup challenge ever launched. It awarded prizes to 90 digital startups during the first ever edition of VivaTechnology Paris, an event that brought 5,000 startups, investors and businesses from all over the world to Paris from 30 June to 2 July 2016. Organized by Mariette Lefebvre and her team along with Agorize

A very busy street in hong kong
FinTech – the Asian El Dorado

It might be young, but the FinTech sector (a contraction of ‘finance’ and ‘technology’) is growing fast. Hordes of startups are simultaneously thrilling and shaking up the most firmly established financial institutions. And the epicentre of this new revolution is located in Asia. Let us give you a quick reminder of everything you need to

Employer brand of large companies
The 7 pillars of an employer brand

Look after your employees’ well-being and they’ll look after you. But you knew that already. And while Fordism is well behind us, French companies still have a long way to go. According to Pauline Tordeur (Hivy), developing an employer brand is “a strategic choice that allows a company to attract and retain the best profiles

Managerial innovation and reverse mentoring
Reverse Mentoring: an essential part of your digital transformation

In the age of the digital company, the practice of older employees passing on their knowledge and expertise to younger colleagues is being turned on its head. If your company is working on its digital transformation, then you must have felt the need to bring Generation X and Y together. And reverse mentoring is the

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