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How to become more agile and develop a startup culture as a major group

A 50% higher positive return when introducing new products. 60% more recruitment among the best candidates. Twice the number of employees who are emotionally involved in their work. 40% more customer requests to the Marketing department asking for more information. IT companies that have adopted the agile method are reporting impressive performance, significantly above anything their

Physical or online? How to make your hackathons a success

Hosting a 48-hour to 72-hour hackathon means tackling logistical, geographical and time constraints. Not the most encouraging environment for innovation, in short. Imagine the colossal efforts that need to be made when organizing the perfect 48-hour event – you need to find a venue where as many participants as possible can get together and work

Les enjeux de la collaboration entre startups et grandes entreprises
The challenges of collaboration between startups and big companies

Jean-Baptiste Bouché, the author of this article, is the Agorize community’s most capped veteran. He has taken part in 21 open innovation challenges in two years, reaching the podium 11 times – including five top spots. In September 2016, he launched his collaborative tourism startup, Welcomer. Partnerships between businesses (from mid-sized companies to big groups) and

Formation professionnelle continue et open innovation
How open innovation is revolutionizing professional development

United in complexity – that could be the motto of continuing development professionals in France. Reforms have been carried out to make the system simpler, but the situation remains the same – high costs, low effectiveness, and old-fashioned methods. So what are the solutions? The professional development sector needs to begin its digital transformation. It’s

how to promote a hackathon
Alone in the world? 5 tips to help promote your hackathon

What’s the nightmare scenario that keeps all hackathon organizers awake at night? It’s got to be the fear of a complete flop – getting a lot fewer participants than they’d hoped for. To help you avoid this catastrophic situation, you need to put effective communication in place before your hackathon. After all, even for the

The 5 best ways to sabotage your hackathon

What’s the difference between running a hackathon and sailing into a gale? A cynic might tell you that the boat will get a lot further. To stop your flagship of innovation being torpedoed before it even leaves port, Agorize is donning its captain’s gear and helping you to navigate the turbid waters of open innovation.

Hackathon : l'arme fatale du consumer insight
Hackathons – the new lethal weapon in consumer insight

Marketing costs companies too much money! The latest study from Oracle Marketing Cloud reveals that only 52% of businesses increased their marketing budget in 2016. That’s 11 percentage points fewer than in 2015 (63%) – and maybe it’s down to the number of marketing flops in recent years. Half of all consumer products end up consigned

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Open innovation: the CV is dead, long live the CV!

After decades of adoration, the strange supreme being known as the curriculum vitae or résumé is losing its faithful congregation. Recruiters, students and jobseekers are increasingly turning to other methods of choosing candidates. Time to throw out the cold and impersonal CV! The recruitment revolution is here, based on a guiding principle – open innovation.

Employer brand: 3 companies that have gone from outsiders to superstars

For some major BtoB companies, the battle to recruit young talent is extremely taxing. Faced with trendy, world-famous groups, they are forced to redouble their efforts to make themselves known and win over their future employees. And yet some companies that are barely known to the general public still manage to position themselves as dream

Recruitment fairs vs open innovation challenges – how should you recruit?

Jean-Baptiste Bouché, the author of this article, is the Agorize community’s most capped veteran. He has taken part in 21 open innovation challenges in two years, reaching the podium 11 times – including five top spots. Why compare a recruitment fair to an open innovation challenge? Because they’re both tools designed to identify and attract

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