My R&D internship at Agorize

Back in June 2019, Ivan Lopes, a Telecom SudParis-student started a 3-month-internship within the Agorize R&D team. Coming from South of France, Ivan chose to grow his skills during the summer in Paris instead of enjoying some relaxing time by the beach. Let’s meet him!

Give Your Marketing Strategy a Makeover with Open Innovation

Originally written in French by Olivia Mazon. Translated by Hannah-Mei Grisley. In a marketing environment full of strategies, skills and consumer needs, we should ask ourselves where open innovation fits in big businesses’ marketing strategies. Reflecting on the global final of an innovation challenge organized by one of the biggest French cosmetic brands, it’s now

Why Outstanding Companies Adopt Corporate Venturing?

For many years, Corporate Venturing has been a trendy topic for companies looking to finance their innovation.   Grasping new Business Model, obtaining competitive intelligence… This kind of method shows many advantages and is attractive for companies wishing to implement innovation in their traditional markets. In 4 years, these investment funds have more than doubled,

illustration - Why organize an online hackathon
[Infographic]: Why organize an online hackathon?

The word ‘hackathon’ is a contraction of ‘hack’ – a quick DIY solution to overcome a problem – and ‘marathon’ – a test of endurance. Essentially, a hackathon is a competition that encourages participants to put forward their most relevant and innovative solutions to a business or social issue. The key benefits of a hackathon:

Formation professionnelle continue et open innovation
How open innovation is revolutionizing professional development

United in complexity – that could be the motto of continuing development professionals in France. Reforms have been carried out to make the system simpler, but the situation remains the same – high costs, low effectiveness, and old-fashioned methods. So what are the solutions? The professional development sector needs to begin its digital transformation. It’s

Employer brand: 3 companies that have gone from outsiders to superstars

For some major BtoB companies, the battle to recruit young talent is extremely taxing. Faced with trendy, world-famous groups, they are forced to redouble their efforts to make themselves known and win over their future employees. And yet some companies that are barely known to the general public still manage to position themselves as dream

Machine Learning
Everything you need to know about machine learning in 4 minutes

Everything you need to know about machine learning in 4 minutes Hordes of demon droids capable of emotion and ready to sacrifice humanity to achieve world domination. No, it’s not the next Will Smith blockbuster – it’s what many people imagine when they hear the words ‘machine learning’. In fact, it’s a branch of statistics

Co-creation & lean innovation for a successful digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation. Two little words that make executives at the biggest companies quake in their boots. Whenever the topic comes up, a lot of people get the unpleasant sensation that they’ve missed the boat and they don’t even know where it was supposed to be sailing from. The reason is simple – they’re tackling the

Mariette Lefebve Interview
A Look Back On Publicis90: The Biggest Startup Challenge

Publicis90 is the biggest startup challenge ever launched. It awarded prizes to 90 digital startups during the first ever edition of VivaTechnology Paris, an event that brought 5,000 startups, investors and businesses from all over the world to Paris from 30 June to 2 July 2016. Organized by Mariette Lefebvre and her team along with Agorize

Employer brand of large companies
The 7 pillars of an employer brand

Look after your employees’ well-being and they’ll look after you. But you knew that already. And while Fordism is well behind us, French companies still have a long way to go. According to Pauline Tordeur (Hivy), developing an employer brand is “a strategic choice that allows a company to attract and retain the best profiles

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Agorize comes from “Agora” and “Rise” and empowers companies and people from all over the world through Open innovation Challenges.

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