Talent Management: how to spot, engage and retain talent in your organization?

Table of contents Click on the chapter you’d like to read  What is talent management? What is employee engagement? How to recognize a committed employee? Transformational leadership: the new contract between companies and employees? Talent management: the three new missions of HR and the company Be transparent inside and outside your company  The 7 benefits

8 types of corporate-startup engagement models with examples

Powered by digitalisation, entrepreneurial spirit and the agility to pivot swiftly, startups are seen as potential partners for corporations across all sectors to engage. For innovative initiatives in particular, more corporations find it far more valuable to leverage the innovative technology that startups have developed through mutually beneficial engagement models. Yet in all of these


internal challenge
5 steps to successful corporate-startup engagement

Here’s a brutal truth about corporate-startup engagement: A study conducted by 500 Startups and INSEAD has shown that 68% of the top 100 Forbes Global 500 companies are constantly engaging with startups. Corporate-startup engagement (CSE), in one form or another, is a hot topic. However, with terms like incubator, accelerator, open innovation, hackathons and corporate

Why Big Companies That Act Like Startups Make Tremendous Profit
8 things your company should do like startups to accelerate its growth

First thing first: take a look at the Fortune 500 companies in 1955 v. 2017: only 60 firms (12%) that made the list in 1955 are still on the list in 2017. 88% of the companies have either merged (or were acquired by) another organization, gone bankrupt, or still exist but have fallen from the

10 startup habits every major group should adopt
10 startup habits that every major group should adopt

Not all startups are alike. And they don’t all operate in the same way. But nonetheless, there are a number of common denominators that most of them share. We ought to know here at Agorize. After all, we’re a startup ourselves, and we work with big companies, helping them to collaborate with other startup businesses.

digital transformation at work
5 Steps to Convert Your Employees to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation produces all sorts of reactions – fear, scepticism, enthusiasm and optimism. It isn’t surprising that opinion within companies is so polarized! But whatever your opinion of it, the digital revolution is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down. So how can you convince your employees of the benefits a technology

The 5 ways to boost agility and innovation in your company
5 ways challenges boost agility and innovation at your company

Hackathons, challenges, awards, prizes… companies are having more and more luck with these open, collaborative innovation models. There are many reasons for their success. We’ve listed the five main ones in this article: 1/ Stimulating innovation through limitations within a specific scope Art lives on constraint and dies of freedom, Michelangelo You have to take

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