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Major Groups: 5 Reasons to Work with Startups

New technologies are emerging every day. And every day, startups are using these technologies to design new services and apps. Innovation is racing forward. Finance, insurance, agri-food, health – no sector is left behind. And they now all have a technological counterpart, supported by a vibrant startup ecosystem: FinTech, InsurTech, FoodTech, E-Health… The list goes

Time Square, New York, collaborative marketing gets together brands and consumers
The Secret Recipe for a Successful Collaborative Marketing Campaign

Mass marketing is outdated. New approaches are being developed to meet consumers’ pressing demands. Communication technology, our digitalized society, and new consumer requirements have turned how we do marketing on its head. Brands are now putting customers at the heart of their strategies, adapting to their needs, and promoting dialogue. This is collaborative marketing. It’s

A magnifying glass on an old book, research about the origins of open innovation
The Surprising Origins of Open Innovation

The age of silos is over. The modern company is on a quest for agility and innovation. And although innovation is traditionally the domain of R&D departments, things are beginning to change. Increasingly, major groups (led by Microsoft, Google and Bouygues) have grasped the importance of adopting a more cross-department approach. And so they appeal to

ALD Automotive Challenge
An Example of Open Innovation with ALD Automotive

LD Automotive is a global reference in the financing and management of corporate vehicle fleets in 40 countries. The final of The Driver Experience Challenge, organized by Agorize for ALD Automotive, was held on January 12, 2016 in the headquarters of Société Générale in La Défense, near Paris. The 6 finalist teams presented their project

Innovation Strategy: Making Your Company a Long-Lasting Success

Why should a company create an innovation strategy for itself? So it doesn’t end up like Kodak. The decline and fall of the camera manufacturer – a truly textbook case – has become so well-known that I could just stop there. But I believe in teaching by example. And what could be more effective than

Smart devices
The Smart Device that will be Truly Useful in 2016

The “Internet of Things” and “smart objects” – two names for a new tidal wave of technology that covers such wide-reaching fields that it’s hard to pin down exactly what it means. According to studies such as one by consulting firm Gartner, by 2020, it will include 50 billion objects, with an estimated turnover of

The boom of clean tech
The Clean Tech Boom: When Technology and Ecology Go Hand in Hand

Put a bit of Evian in the tank and head out on your journey! This is what filling up at service stations could be like in the future. Or at least something to that effect. In fact, right now, clean tech has the wind under its sails, and much like wind energy, won’t be petering

the how-to guide for open innovation experts
The How-To Guide for Open Innovation Experts

When it came to innovation, 2015 was without a doubt the year of digital technology. Every conversation, product or ad came with a spiel on the merits of what could be called a connected revolution! With all these new uses made possible by technological marvels (smart watches, drones, smart beanies and other gadgets), it’s hard

Paintbrush representing innovation and creativity at work
5 Tips for Innovating on a Daily Basis

Do you need to come up with innovative solutions at work? Are you being asked to innovate to stay ahead of the competition? Do you have to devise new ways of communicating with your customer base, communities or target audiences? This is the case for most of us, and we need to do all this

Hackathon is a new method for working in group
Hackathon: Behind the Buzzword

Does the word hackathon mean anything to you? This new method for working in groups has quickly become THE agile, dynamic solution for key account and start-up projects in every sector. Hackathons: The Basics The idea of a hackathon is simple: hold a contest where you get talented people together (mainly students and developers) and

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Agorize comes from “Agora” and “Rise” and empowers companies and people from all over the world through Open innovation Challenges.

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