Sponsoring and Disrupting: How to Achieve Breakthrough Innovation

Innovating is hard, but forming a dream-team doesn’t have to be. Through disruptive innovation, new technologies emerge that penetrate the market from below and rapidly overtake established businesses. Online innovation challenges help companies develop disruptive innovation, or sponsor startups that do so. Let’s take a look at the why and the how:   The Ugly

Why Big Companies That Act Like Startups Make Tremendous Profit
8 things your company should do like startups to accelerate its growth

First thing first: take a look at the Fortune 500 companies in 1955 v. 2017: only 60 firms (12%) that made the list in 1955 are still on the list in 2017. 88% of the companies have either merged (or were acquired by) another organization, gone bankrupt, or still exist but have fallen from the

transformation digitale
Going Digital: How Can My Company Do It Right Now?

“Digital transformation is expected to deliver both operational and financial results within 18 months on average” says Fujitsu’s digital transformation PACT. The biggest drivers of this transformation are the customers by 58%.   How can my company start going digital today? Tough one. If 85% of companies are putting a digital strategy together, only 26%

recruiting with business game
Recruitment: How To Get The Most Out Of A Business Game?

Business games, open innovation challenges, hackathons… How do the most successful companies hire talented people by sourcing innovation? How do you spot the one in a million candidate? Here is the recipe for a fruitful challenge. AIM FOR MILLENNIALS, HIRE THE DIGITAL NATIVES I am a bit tired of hearing “We really should start thinking

Civic Tech
Civic Tech – using open innovation to combat citizens’ political disengagement

The French presidential elections are looming. The debate is raging on and dividing opinion, but there’s one thing everyone agrees on – French citizens are becoming less and less engaged in the country’s political life. A glance at the record abstention rates observed in recent years at local and national elections shows this only too

Agilité the walk open innovation hackathon agorize
3 tips to become more agile and develop a startup culture as a major group

A 50% higher positive return when introducing new products. 60% more recruitment among the best candidates. Twice the number of employees who are emotionally involved in their work. 40% more customer requests to the Marketing department asking for more information. IT companies that have adopted the agile method are reporting impressive performance, significantly above anything their

digital transformation at work
5 Steps to Convert Your Employees to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation produces all sorts of reactions – fear, scepticism, enthusiasm and optimism. It isn’t surprising that opinion within companies is so polarized! But whatever your opinion of it, the digital revolution is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down. So how can you convince your employees of the benefits a technology

A simple way to boost your creativity at work

Vincent Nicolas, the author of this article, has taken part in several open innovation challenges through Agorize – including the Boost My Op’ challenge from Total and Air Liquide, in which he was selected for the final. There’s just one place on Earth where everything is possible. Where you can build, destroy, start again, create

Internal approaches to digital transformation 2017 Agorize
Internal Approaches to Digital Transformation – the Hits and Misses of 2017

67% of managers believe that digital transformation has become a question of their company’s survival. And it’s certainly a major challenge – 76% of digital leaders are set to report increased turnover in 2017. But just 16% of companies have completed their transformation. What are the most practical, effective measures businesses can take to make

Time Square, New York, collaborative marketing gets together brands and consumers
The secret recipe for a successful collaborative marketing campaign

Mass marketing is outdated. New approaches are being developed to meet consumers’ pressing demands. Communication technology, our digitalized society, and new consumer requirements have turned how we do marketing on its head. Brands are now putting customers at the heart of their strategies, adapting to their needs, and promoting dialogue. This is collaborative marketing. It’s

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