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Driving business growth through an idea management platform

Are organizations embracing a speak-up culture? When employees share new ideas and bring up concerns or problems, organizations improve, innovate and perform better. It sounds obvious, yet speak-up culture is still not in the DNA of many employers. Are employees given a voice and encouraged to participate in continuous improvement (CI) processes? Harvard Business Review

Why should companies opt for idea box - idea management software?
Why should companies opt for idea box – idea management software?

“We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak,” the stoic philosopher Epictetus wrote two thousand years ago. Epictetus would have been a fan of the idea box solution, the secrets of which we will discover in this article. If you are 30 or over, you have

Five innovative recruitment initiatives

Recruitment without a CV, employer branding, ambassador programs, HR marketing… As a human resources professional, it’s been a while since you heard about these concepts that speed up recruitment. I have good and less exciting news for you. The good news is that these techniques work. The challenge is that many companies already use them.

Schneider Electric Go Green
Schneider Go Green – student program with over 25,000 participants

In 2021 Schneider launched the Go Green challenge on the Agorize platform and registered the highest number of students so far – 25,458 students who submitted 2,744 eligible ideas. Learn more about the success of the program and how Agorize helped. Could you briefly describe the Go Green program and its objectives? Schneider Go Green
Talent Management: how to scout, engage and retain talent?

Table of Contents What is talent management? Identifying and engaging employees, also known as talent management, is a strategic concern for companies and HR departments. Employee engagement consists of taking talents into account throughout the employee journey within the organization, from application to integration, through learning, personal development, and career progression. In the labor market,

How Microsoft Scaled its Student Boot Camps by Going Online

A successful recipe…. This article was written by Jean-Vincent Delli Zotti. Microsoft has positioned itself as a learning company. Its culture is shifting from “we know everything there is to know about our business” to “we don’t know everything but we are willing to learn”. This change of posture has given birth to multiple initiatives aimed at fostering

The Hits and Misses of Talent Recruitment in 2018

The talent war is raging on. And on this particular market that is employment, high standard candidates are gold and companies are ready to do anything to recruit them in order to boost their employer brand. It’s no secret, job market undergoes profound change: a permanent rise of passive job seekers which represents two thirds

Employer Branding: How To Attract The Best Talent?

War for talent is going on. While talent is scarcer than ever, companies ask themselves how to improve their employer brand so that they can recruit top-notch candidates. I often found myself asking the following: why particular companies score talented employees when others of them struggle to get the right fits. Now that I work for

Employer Brand: 3 Companies That Have Gone from Outsiders to Superstars

For some major BtoB companies, the battle to recruit young talent is extremely taxing. Faced with trendy, world-famous groups, they are forced to redouble their efforts to make themselves known and win over their future employees. And yet some companies that are barely known to the general public still manage to position themselves as dream

Employer brand of large companies
The 7 Pillars of An Employer Brand

Look after your employees’ well-being and they’ll look after you. But you knew that already. And while Fordism is well behind us, French companies still have a long way to go. According to Pauline Tordeur (Hivy), developing an employer brand is “a strategic choice that allows a company to attract and retain the best profiles

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