Hackathon is a new method for working in group
Hackathon: Behind the Buzzword

Does the word hackathon mean anything to you? This new method for working in groups has quickly become THE agile, dynamic solution for key account and start-up projects in every sector. Hackathons: The Basics The idea of a hackathon is simple: hold a contest where you get talented people together (mainly students and developers) and

The 5 ways to boost agility and innovation in your company
5 Ways Challenges to Boost Agility and Innovation at Your Company

Hackathons, challenges, awards, prizes… companies are having more and more luck with these open, collaborative innovation models. There are many reasons for their success. We’ve listed the five main ones in this article. 1. Stimulating innovation through limitations within a specific scope Art lives on constraint and dies of freedom, Michelangelo You have to take

Collaboration illustrated by two criss-crossed faces
“Jump”: Collaboration Driving Innovation

Participatory innovation: the BNP Paribas platform achieves a record 45% participation rate The initiative spearheaded by BNP Paribas CIB known as “Jump” uses collective intelligence to come up with great ideas by identifying in-house innovators and communities of experts. Jérôme Dubois, Innovation Manager at BNP Paribas CIB, tells us about “Jump.” The idea is to

PSA and open innovation
PSA’s Spin on Participatory Innovation

PSA Peugeot Citroën gets its 208,000 employees on board with its approach to innovation At the Innov’Acteurs Campus, Mathilde Parlier-Blot, Customer Manager for Innovation at PSA, came to present her group’s participatory innovation strategy. At a group with more than 200,000 employees, the idea was to adopt a “step-by-step” approach and not to rush things.

co-workers in a meeting to restore collaborative innovation in a company
3 Secrets for a Successful Collaboration Strategy

You can’t impose participatory innovation from the top down, you have to build it up like a strategy. You need to define a goal and a scope, get management on board and provide a specific funding mechanism. Hadi Zablit, Associate Director at the Boston Consulting Group, notes that “management needs to support innovation, set the

Collaboration and open innovation
Open Innovation: Collaboration 3.0

Participatory innovation is a whole new way of innovating! Participatory or open innovation is defined as “a structured management approach that aims to stimulate and facilitate the creation, implementation and dissemination of ideas,” explains Muriel Garcia, the head of participatory innovation for the La Poste group. Collaboration at the heart of Innovation In fact, the

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