recruiting with business game
Recruitment: How To Get The Most Out Of A Business Game?

Business games, open innovation challenges, hackathons… How do the most successful companies hire talented people by sourcing innovation? How do you spot the one in a million candidate? Here is the recipe for a fruitful challenge. Aim for Millennials, Hire the Digital Natives I am a bit tired of hearing “We really should start thinking more

10 startup habits every major group should adopt
10 Startups Habits that Every Major Group Should Adopt

Not all startups are alike. And they don’t all operate in the same way. But nonetheless, there are a number of common denominators that most of them share. We ought to know here at Agorize. After all, we’re a startup ourselves, and we work with big companies, helping them to collaborate with other startup businesses.

The Hits and Misses of Recruitment Methods in 2017

The talent war is raging on. 83% of recruiters state that recruiting talented people is their top priority for their company. In a labour market that’s undergoing major transformation, the challenges are significant in both number and scope – the increase in the number of ‘passive’ job seekers, reportedly accounting for 75% of employees on LinkedIn, the growing

transformation digitale dans le secteur du retail
Retail – The Secret Recipe for A Successful Digital Transformation

The retail sector is bearing the full force of the digital storm. At a time when traditional players are struggling at the trough of the waves, more agile newcomers are surfing the crest of the relentless move towards a more digital world – hence all the discussions about digital transformation and the need to refocus

Civic Tech
Civic Tech – Using Open Innovation to Combat Citizens’ Political Disengagement

The French presidential elections are looming. The debate is raging on and dividing opinion, but there’s one thing everyone agrees on – French citizens are becoming less and less engaged in the country’s political life. A glance at the record abstention rates observed in recent years at local and national elections shows this only too

Agilité the walk open innovation hackathon agorize
3 Tips to Become More Agile and Develop a Startup Culture as a Major Group

A 50% higher positive return when introducing new products. 60% more recruitment among the best candidates. Twice the number of employees who are emotionally involved in their work. 40% more customer requests to the Marketing department asking for more information. IT companies that have adopted the agile method are reporting impressive performance, significantly above anything their

online hackathon
How to Make your Hackathons a Success: Physical vs Online Hackathons

Hosting a 48-hour to 72-hour hackathon means tackling logistical, geographical, and time constraints. Not the most encouraging environment for innovation, in short. Imagine the colossal efforts that need to be made when organizing the perfect 48-hour event – you need to find a venue where as many participants as possible can get together and work

Formation professionnelle continue et open innovation
How Open Innovation is Revolutionizing Professional Development

United in complexity – that could be the motto of continuing development professionals in France. Reforms have been carried out to make the system simpler, but the situation remains the same – high costs, low effectiveness, and old-fashioned methods. So what are the solutions? The professional development sector needs to begin its digital transformation. It’s

digital transformation at work
5 Steps to Convert Your Employees to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation produces all sorts of reactions – fear, scepticism, enthusiasm and optimism. It isn’t surprising that opinion within companies is so polarized! But whatever your opinion of it, the digital revolution is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down. So how can you convince your employees of the benefits a technology

Agorize-HR- Developers recruitment-Hackathon
Recruitment: A Quick Lesson on Winning Developers’ Hearts

With the arrival of digital transformation, developers are an increasingly sought-after asset. And because demand for these casually-dressed professionals is outstripping supply, it’s becoming very tricky to hire a good developer. From the day they leave university, they’re headhunted by recruiters who shower them with generous offers to win them over. Developers have become the

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